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Apartment Syndication or Direct Ownership: Which is Better?

There are numerous ways to invest in real estate, and there is something for everyone. This article will look at two types of passive investing: buying rental properties and investing in apartment syndication.

Apartment syndication is one sort of investment that has gained popularity in recent years. Due to the nature of syndications, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has laws in place that establish a fiduciary obligation on syndicators to mitigate risk on behalf of investors.

Deciding to invest in an apartment building is only the beginning. Determining the most suitable investment option requires an understanding of risk tolerance, financial goals, and desired amount of involvement. Continue reading if you’re considering passive investment options.

Investing With an Apartment Syndication Company

Apartment syndication is a pooling of funds from numerous investors to purchase a property and execute the project’s business plan.

Remember that long list of tasks you have to complete when buying a home on your own? In this situation, the syndicator, or the person in charge of this investment, will take care of everything.

Instead of purchasing it outright, they will offer investors the opportunity to purchase a small part of the building. The syndicators are referred to as “general partners,” while the investors are referred to as “limited partners.”

You get the same tax benefits as if you bought a rental property when you invest in syndication. The sponsor will also send you a K1 Form that is simple to fill out, making tax season less of a hassle.

However, before you invest in syndication, fully understand when you’ll be paid – and why you’ll be paid at that time.

You may not start earning income for months following your investment because it can take months for a property to stabilize after purchase, especially if it’s a value-add opportunity.

Direct Ownership

Simply purchasing the property yourself is arguably the most obvious option. Of course, this strategy necessitates the biggest initial investment, and it is also the scariest of the options. After all, it’s up to you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. It entails carrying out proper due diligence.

You’ll need to accomplish the majority of the tasks such as:

  • Save money
  • Know your budget
  • Work with a broker
  • Review deals
  • Make an Offer
  • Get it accepted
  • Find a loan
  • Find property management
  • Renovate
  • Decide on whether or not to sell

It requires a little more effort, but the rewards can be enormous. It’s like having your own company. You have complete control over the investment plan.

However, taxes become much more complicated as a result of having more power and being able to deduct everything you want. In this situation, consulting with your accountant is the best option.

In any case, owning the property means you get to make all of the decisions and may adapt them to the current state of the industry or in your life.


When it comes to wealth-building, particularly if you’re just new to property investments, apartment syndication is the best route. You don’t have to worry about personally managing syndication when you invest in one. You’re a true investor who sits back and waits for opportunities to come your way. You put your money into the deal and get paid.

It isn’t fully passive when you buy it yourself. You’ll have to deal directly with tenants when they have a problem with the property and they are unable to contact the property manager.

Of course, both options have advantages and drawbacks. However, you can expect cash-on-cash returns from a syndication company. You don’t have to think about day-to-day management, but you must trust your sponsor to perform a good job and achieve the expected gains.

Depending on the type of investment, the investor must conduct due diligence on a potential investment to manage expectations and make the best decision possible based on their objectives.

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