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What Top Five Things Should Every Airbnb Have?

The increased number of customers for Airbnb in 2021 brought the company a value of $113 billion. And this statistic is not a surprise considering traveling started to bloom rapidly after pandemic restrictions loosened up.

Airbnb hosts offer convenient accommodation suitable for anyone’s needs. And since it’s a global online housing marketplace, guests expect a trustworthy arrangement at every location.

Best Five Features of Any Airbnb

Satisfied guests lead to excellent reviews resulting only from good rental features. The following list will present the top five things an Airbnb host should offer their guests.

High-Quality Sheets and Bedding

Good night’s sleep is a luxury anyone wants to get when traveling. Clean and luxurious sheets with a high thread count and comfortable bedding for a well-deserved rest are essential, especially for guests having trouble sleeping away from home.

The clean sheets are an indicator of how clean the accommodation is. Also, some materials can cause rashes and allergies to people with sensitive skin, so only the suitable material will feel good on your skin when you sleep.


Carrying toiletries when traveling is a habit of the past. Nowadays, people travel to the other side of the world with just a handbag – and no place for shampoos or conditioners to carry around.

As an Airbnb host, providing toiletries like shampoo, soap, and a toothbrushing kit will help make your guest’s stay more convenient. These items don’t always have to be top-of-the-line but try not to go for the cheapest option either. Adding more items such as body lotion and hand sanitizers they can take on the go will add even more value to their experience.

High-Grade Towels

Besides the importance of clean towels, the quality of the material also adds to the Airbnb experience. After a long day, a shower or bath should be comfortable at every stage. Quality material means the towels will be able to absorb the water and dry soon enough for your guest to use again.

How you wash and dry the towels should also be considered. Best to have them professionally cleaned so you can ensure that they are soft and fluffy for your nest guests.

Blackout Curtains or Blinds

Many people can enjoy a good night’s stay only when in complete darkness. Blackout curtains or blinds are a must to prevent the sun rays from entering the bedroom and wake guests earlier than desired.

In addition, blackout material keeps your rental cold in the summer and traps heat in the winter, reducing AC usage and expenses.

High-Speed Internet Access

Nowadays, rarely will someone book a rental without checking for a stable internet connection. When traveling to a foreign country, reaching your family or friends, or finding your way around the place requires good internet access.

In addition, work-from-home has become widespread, which means many people take their job with them. Getting high-speed internet means they still get to work comfortably and enjoy their holiday.

Getting a Reliable Real Estate Syndicator

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