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Mission Statement:

To generate higher investor returns than competing real estate investment firms by utilizing the “Plus One” value-added concept alongside traditional value-added strategies.


At Plus One Syndications, we guide investors, whether first time or long-time property owners, in acquiring and managing their assets. Trust us to carefully assess each unit, negotiate the deals, obtain the  financing, and oversee construction.

We provide clients with full transparency at every stage of the process to ensure the sustained success of their investment.


Our goal is to help you protect and enhance the value of your properties for the long term. From modernizing each building to seeking the right contractors, we act quickly and take a long-term approach to secure the best opportunities.


Unlike conventional brokerage firms, we offer you a full end-to-end solution, from acquisition and construction through to full property management. We maintain transparency and attentiveness, keeping you informed at every stage of your investment.


Investors can rely on us to perform rigorous property assessments and real estate market research. We review properties in terms of performance, risk levels, and tax benefits

What we do

  • We provide secure income property investments while mitigating risks and maximum returns
  • We target properties with attractive alternative uses and/or present opportunities to enhance value
  • We partner with experienced contractors to help our investors make the most of their assets

Plus One Syndications selects, purchases, and manages the properties. All you have to do is receive your profits each quarter once we restabilize the property and begin issuing cash flow distributions.

We make it easy to grow your portfolio, manage multiple properties, and ensure each investment is set up for long-term success. Together, with our partner contractors, we add value to new and existing buildings and help you grow your wealth.

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Introducing the “Plus One” concept

To make the most of their investments, most real estate investors and syndication firms moderately  increase their rental rates and wait for long term appreciation.

At Plus One Syndications, we believe in proactively seeking opportunities for growth and revenue. Following our “Plus One” concept, we increase the value of your properties by adding more rooms or upgrading fixtures, so you can boost rent even further.

We enhance our properties by introducing:

  • New kitchens and bathrooms
  • Upgraded floors
  • Fresh paint and finishes
  • Addition of washers and dryers

Through strategic and creative planning, we turn large floor plans into space-saving layouts. We also transform existing one-bedroom units into two-bedroom units without the need for additional rentable square footage.

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Meet The Team

Jeremy Gustavel

Jeremy Gustavel is CEO and founder of Plus One Syndications. He has been an active presence in the Seattle investment real estate market since 1997. Upon graduating from the University of Washington with a Business-Finance degree, Jeremy started his real estate career as a commercial real estate broker with Commercial Properties International. As a personal investor and a syndicator, he has acquired a total of 49 investment properties valued at over $127,000,000, all in the Seattle marketplace. In addition to making real estate acquisitions, In his 24 year career, Jeremy has co-founded a mortgage brokerage company, a real estate brokerage company, as well as Plus One Syndications and its affiliated companies to support the portfolio with property management and construction services. His focus within Plus One Syndications is investment analysis, property acquisitions, construction budgeting, operations budgeting, and the overall company management of Plus One Syndications.

Natalie Wells

Natalie graduated with a B.A in Business from Seattle Pacific University 2007.  Natalie jumped right into the real estate industry where she began working with investors of single family investment portfolios.  Over the course of 14 years, Natalie has played a strategic role working with real estate investors and developers in multi-family acquisitions and development. Natalie joined Plus One Syndications in 2016. Since then Her role has grown over time, becoming a partner in 2021.  Natalie works in depth on day to day operations, acquisition analysis, construction management, and investor communication.  As a a partner in Plus One Syndications, she has participated in the acquisition, asset management, and renovation of the last 10 projects. She enjoys building investor relationships through networking which has grown out reach.

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